Little Kulala - February 2012

Feb 29, 2012 Little Kulala
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The rain has arrived! Clouds in the distance have finally materialised into the first rain for the season. With it came lots of lightning and the possibility of fire. All pulled together and with immaculate teamwork we have managed to ward off all the fires so far, with some help from the rain. The days are still warm and with the cloud cover, the humidity has increased.

In some areas the new grasses are making an appearance. It is quite a refreshing change to the desert landscape.

Now that we have received the first dose of summer rains, the wildlife has spread out all over the reserve, making for constant activity wherever you go.

Every morning, large herds of springbok and oryx are dotted all along the open plains and as the day heats up, they retreat to the shade along the riverbeds. The waterhole in front of camp now only has the occasional visitor as there is a lot of surface water around. However, the resident African wild cat still visits the camp waterhole every night.

The camp area became the home for a small ostrich family two months ago. This was quite unusual as these eggs hatched completely out of sync with all the other ostrich in the area. This immediately put the chicks at a disadvantage as they lost the benefit of safety in numbers. We have not seen the family for the entire month, so we suspect that they have fallen victim to the array of predators - most likely jackals.

Birds and Birding
Swallow-tailed Bee-eaters have been entertaining us around the camp pool as they display their aerial agility as they try and catch thirsty insects.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Ivan and Ilze Phillipson, Bona Florry, Lona Frey and Elaine Cerva.
Guides: Teek, Willem Rooi, Niclas Rundongo, Willem Mutenga, Petrus and Abner Shigweda.

Photo credits: Mr Cresswell

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