Little Kulala - February 2014

Feb 28, 2014 Little Kulala
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We had rain at Little Kulala! After many days of watching clouds mount higher and higher in the deep blue desert sky, at last the tension broke and the rain fell at Little Kulala… This proved to be only a brief respite from the heat as the following days were again quite hot, but also humid, so we are optimistic that we will have rain again soon.

The rain falling in Sossusvlei has prompted a flurry of new life in this ancient landscape, with the arrival of young birds and animals. Many species time their breeding so that young are born or hatch just after the first rains to take advantage of new shoots and plant growth.

Young birds and animals make for particularly enjoyable sightings, as they show a mixture of playfulness and curiosity about the unfolding and changing world around them. Some seem to delight in their own energy and the sheer joy of being alive, such as the young springbok we saw pronking immediately after the rain, echoing the same energy that had just been released from the clouds. Other youngsters are more cautious, like the tiny, cryptically-coloured Namaqua Sandgrouse chicks we spotted following close behind their mother.

Namib Sky has reopened and we can once again see the hot air balloons drift in the early morning skies, all the while getting ready a delicious breakfast for the intrepid flyers after they land.

Evenings at Little Kulala are a special time of the day, as the sun sinks behind the dunes – and our sundowners are positioned perfectly to take advantage of the fabulous views across the Kulala Reserve. The condensation forms on the outside of the highball glasses as the ice clicks in the gin and tonics, with the shadows lengthening across the darkening desert, and the purple haze of dusk settling on the land.

Meanwhile back in camp our service team are busy setting up a special dinner in the wine cellar and on the pool deck, and the brown hyaena are stretching sleepy limbs and starting to think about setting off on their nightly investigations.

These shifting yet constant dunes loom large in our lives at Kulala, giving shape and form to the memorable wildlife experiences that unfold in their shadows. As some of the most impressive dunes in the world, they provide the perfect backdrop to the daily dramas of desert life, matched only by the ascending columns of clouds in the skies above. Sossusvlei is a special and unique place, and this is a truly special time of year as we await the rains, and revel in their aftermath.

Guest Comments
The dunes were an unforgettable experience – quad bikes were a first especially considering we are in our 70s. Couldn’t be bettered!” – Julie and Rod
Amazing in every way!” – Court
We had a very beautiful sun downer” – A and M


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