Little Kulala - June 2011

Jul 7, 2011 Little Kulala
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Weather and Landscape
Winter is upon us in the desert and we've had some really cold weather in the past month, some mornings starting out with mist over the mountains and dunes. On the 7th of June the most spectacular event happened - the morning started off as a normal winter morning, sunny but cold. At around 9h00 a freezing wind started blowing and what we thought was fog rolling in turned out to be clouds. It started raining around lunchtime and the temperature dropped to around 5° C. Then in the late afternoon it started snowing on the Naukluft mountains!

We have been treated to some great predator views this month. Some cheetah have settled into the Kulala Wilderness Reserve and have provided us with some great sightings. It is believed that these may be the offspring of the cheetah that were reintroduced into the area, which is great news for us as well as for the species. On the subject of felines, we have been finding regular tracks of leopard on the airstrip.

Birds and Birding
The birding on the reserve is still quite spectacular. The avian highlight for the month goes to a Lanner Falcon, which demonstrated its aerial agility when it swooped on a flock of Namaqua Sandgrouse who were drinking at a waterhole. It caught the flock completely unaware and enjoyed a hearty meal as a result.

The huge flocks of Red-billed Quelea have started to arrive, and it seems that they are being followed by large numbers of Pale-chanting Goshawks, who must be feasting on this abundant food source.

Another unusual sighting which we had was a Lappet- faced Vulture soaring high above the dunes.

Guest Comments
"Thank you for our luxurious stay, it was incredible. We loved every second of it. The sky deck is very neat. Thanks again!" Larry (USA)

"Talents, youth, knowledge, friendships. A smile, service, charm - what more do I want! Thank for teaching me, I learned something every day! I am at home." George (USA)

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