Little Kulala - March 2013

Mar 12, 2013 Little Kulala
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Weather and Landscape
At the beginning of the month we experienced some extreme conditions as almost every day the mercury would be pushed up to a toasty 42° C. Luckily the conditions cooled down during the second half of the month as we edge closer to winter. By the end of the month, we were experiencing cool mornings at an average temperature of 18° C. We also had one day of rain which was most welcome. The clouds have continued to build up, so hopefully we will receive one more burst of rain before winter.

Sightings this month were incredible! An African wild cat was spotted in front of the guest rooms early one morning. It seems this feline has settled around the camp as it is seen regularly and is very relaxed in the presence of people. A Cape cobra was also seen in the camp parking lot. When one takes the time to view this snake, it is a very attractive snake, as far as serpents are concerned.

On the larger side of the predatory scale, we have enjoyed some great sightings of cheetah and brown hyaena. On the 9th of March, six cheetah were seen not far from camp. There are currently lots of springbok in the area, no doubt the reason for attracting the cheetah to the area. A little later in the month, all in camp were elated when a brown hyaena came for a drink at the waterhole in front of camp – what an incredible sighting!

At the end of the month, some guests got the opportunity to witness a springbok giving birth – a truly amazing occurrence to witness.

Camp News
Camp staff have been very busy this month with training programmes. Two of our chefs have visited other Wilderness camps in Botswana. Back at camp, a number of staff renewed their First Aid qualifications, while some new staff received training for the first time.


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