Little Kulala - November 2012

Dec 4, 2012 Little Kulala
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Weather and Landscape
Summer has arrived here in the south of Namibia. The days are getting longer and longer, and the nights shorter. This means getting up earlier as well, but with the spectacular sunrises we have, it is worth it.

The cool westerly wind has been very constant, starting up in the late afternoons. The evening skies have been more beautiful than ever. The stellar constellations have also changed in the past few months. The Southern Cross can now be seen during early mornings and Orion is visible throughout the night. More and more guests have been sleeping outside to observe this.

In terms of wildlife sightings we have been very lucky this month. A Cape fox has been visiting the camp waterhole on a nightly basis, and mostly when the guests are enjoying dinner - allowing everyone a view of this elusive little creature. The fox was not fazed by the presence of people, as he was often focused on catching insects, often jumping around and darting here and there.

The Cape fox was not the only canine to regularly visit the waterhole - two black-backed jackals would visit the waterhole. Our guides have reported a jackal den not too far from the camp, so perhaps mom and dad are visiting the camp waterhole to get a break from the kids?

The resident ostrich family has been seen quite often too, and the chicks have grown substantially since last month. Interestingly, the male was often not with the family.

Birds and Birding
Following on last month's account of the nesting swallows at camp, we are happy to say that all the chicks are still around and seem to be doing well. The chicks have attempted a few flying lessons and are already becoming skilled flyers, often seen swooping over the pool area. Surely they will leave the nest soon.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Ivan, Lona, Lynette, Queen, Heinrich and Elizabeth.
Guides: Willem, Willy, Petrus, Teek, Nicky and Abner.

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