Little Kulala - October 2012

Nov 19, 2012 Little Kulala
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Weather and Landscape
There were no surprises in the weather this month as we experienced the expected hot and dry conditions. As we edge further and further into summer, the midday temperatures get hotter and hotter, but we have been afforded some comfort by the cooling westerly winds which blow inland from the cold Atlantic Ocean. These cool breezes make the afternoons really quite comfy.

As reported last month, the camera traps that we placed at the waterhole in front of camp are proving to be a great tool - a number of great pictures were captured. Large herds of Hartmann's mountain zebra have moved into the area and have provided our guests with some great photographic opportunities. The sprouting vegetation in the reserve is attracting these bulk grazers, which have the added benefit of drinking from the dry season waterholes.

One of the special occasions this month was when we saw a small herd of oryx at the waterhole in front of the main area. This herd had a really young calf with them - it was still very unstable on its legs - but it was very playful and boisterous.

On the birding side of things, a great swallow has decided to nest under one of the thatch roofs at camp. Olwen Evans was at camp and managed to get some wonderful images of this bird feeding its chicks. The chicks have grown rapidly and should leave the nest soon. It was really a great experience for us to watch the progress of these little ones on a daily basis.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Ivan, Ilze, Lona, Lynette, Heinrich, Queen, and Elizabeth.
Guides: Abner, Teek, Nicklas, Willem, Willy and Petrus.

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