Little Kulala - September 2012

Oct 10, 2012 Little Kulala
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Weather and Landscape
Generally speaking, the month was characterized by a cool westerly wind, which blew inland off of the Atlantic. On occasion we did experience a hot and dry wind, which blew in from the east. A sure sign that summer is on its way.

We had quite an unusual experience this month, when early one morning, when the morning shift staff arrived at camp - they found the entire camp and surrounding area covered in a thick blanket of mist! It was quite a sight to see. The mist soon dissipated as the sun warmed the environment up.

The mornings and evenings still carry a slight winter chill, but once the sun comes up, it warms up to a very comfy temperature.

This month has been very exciting. We have set up two camera traps at the different waterholes around the reserve. The pictures prove there is more than meets the eye. Not only have the traps revealed good concentrations of springbok and oryx, but some very rare and elusive species have been recorded too. These include brown hyaena, black-backed jackal, Cape fox, scrub hares, a striped polecat and aardwolf.

The cameras also captured some great avian images, with pictures of lappet-faced vulture, barn owl, black-chested snake-eagle and a pair of secretary birds.

A family of ostrich has been visiting the waterhole in front of camp recently on a daily basis. The parental couple had a brood of 21 chicks when they first arrived, but unfortunately it seem as two of the chicks have perhaps fallen prey to some predators as there are only 19 left.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Ivan, Ilze, Heinrich, Elizabeth and Lona.
Guides: Teek, Abner, Willy, Willem, Petrus and Nicky.

A special thanks to Vitoria Olfusen for the amazing cheetah photo.

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