Little Tubu - December 2013

Dec 29, 2013 Little Tubu
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Weather and water level

December was not too hot a month with the average maximum a manageable 34 degrees Celsius. We did however experience quite a lot of rain and thunderstorms. These storms tend to start out of nowhere and are truly beautiful spectacles. There were also times that we barely saw the sun.

Wildlife Highlights

December was once again a fantastic month for wildlife and lions visited Tubu once again. The male from Kwetsani and another male found themselves competing for the same area. Many leopard sightings were recorded and beautiful pictures & videos recorded. Leopard kill sites were also found regularly with the hundreds of impala lambs around. Tubu is making sure to keep its reputation as the place to visit when looking for leopards! These cats often made their way through camp with hyaena also regularly around, always making sure we hear of their presence. A night drive with Bee found the hyaena leaving their den and preparing for the evening hunt. Elephant, buffalo and zebra also love visiting our bar and viewing deck. When you do not receive a wake-up call from the guide, the elephants will do it for you! They tend to be very vocal during the early morning hours. 

The kudu antelope love the area around the main lodge, and share it with the bushbuck. Monkeys and baboons also visit regularly, and we often end up sharing our buffet with them. Every now and then you will also find a huge warthog going for his morning jog past Room 1. We have had other very unique sightings, including a baboon catching, killing and eating a young bushbuck. Other guests were also lucky enough to witness a monitor lizard catching a catfish. Many other reptiles were spotted this month, including spotted bushsnake, puffadder, African python and a large variety of geckos and lizards. The harmless spotted bushsnakes are truly beautiful to watch. Many leopard tortoise, big and small were seen in the grasslands along the roadside.


Birdlife at Little Tubu is spectacular. Over the last week of December we regularly found two beautiful African green pigeons between Rooms 5 and 6. An African Skimmer was seen at Kalahari Pan. A pair of black-collared barbets is also making a nest at the Little Tubu bar. During the day we got to see some southern ground-hornbills grazing in front of camp. The marabou storks also like greeting our guests as they leave! The constant presence of the yellow-billed kites is also interesting to keep your eye on, and if you look really carefully up into the sky you should be able to spot some vultures circling. 

Guides present

Guides: Bee Makgetho 

Managers Present 

Managers: Ruan Smit, Philile Hlongwa and Jared Zeelie 

Photos: Little Tubu & Caroline Culbert



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