Little Tubu – June 2014

Jun 30, 2014 Little Tubu
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Climate and Landscape
June is an amazing time of year at Little Tubu with the floodplains filled with water. Seeing the sunset and moon reflected on the water are the most beautiful sights ever and guests really enjoy photographing them. The evenings are quite chilly and the roaring boma fires are very welcomed by our guests at night. Our mornings have also been nippy of late but as the day progresses the sun shines in the sky making for a beautiful day. With no rain in sight the weather has been very good.

Our game viewing has been abundant, with elephants coming to visit us right in camp. Willy the Warthog visits us at Little Tubu every day without fail, coming to graze on our floodplains. We also hear Harry the Hippo making his presence felt at night. At one traditional evening Harry came very close to the boma, but took absolutely no notice of us and just carried on swimming.

We hear the lion calls at night and with certainty we know we will see them on the Island the following day. The overall game viewing has been wonderful and we had a number of good sightings during the month. The female leopard and her cub have been spotted on several occasions, the cub still so inquisitive and playful. We also recently had a sighting of a two-week-old zebra which our guests really enjoyed.

Birds and Birding
For bird lovers, the sightings have been astounding, with numerous species ranging from emerald-spotted wood-dove, red-faced mousebird, blacksmith lapwing, Swainson’s spurfowl and African pygmy goose… and the list goes on with our night birds: African scops owl, Verreaux’s eagle-owl and pearl-spotted owlet.

There is such a variety but we often find the most entertainment is to be had right in front of Little Tubu, with the pied kingfisher determined to catch that fish in the water, never giving up until one is in its grasp. A male ostrich has been spotted wandering on his own around Hunda Island with no companion in sight.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Philile Hlongwa
Guide: KG (Kgaga Kgaga)


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Beth Sutera  Aug 23, 2014

It is so fun to keep up with the animals we visited in May. We really enjoy reading the posts.