Little Vumbura - August 2013

Sep 6, 2013 Little Vumbura
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Temperatures this month have been lovely within the concession, with average morning beginning at 12˚C (54˚F), reaching up to to 32˚C (90˚F) at midday. The cold winds in the morning caused many to add an extra layer of clothing, but nothing beats a cup of hot coffee and steaming porridge to warm you up just before your drive.

Once again we’ve had another incredible month here at Little Vumbura and game sightings were beyond our expectations. With the water starting to dry up from our inundation season, it has been easier to cover more area by game drive vehicles. It also made it easier to follow lions while they hunt - which has been quite frequent this month as hundreds of buffalo entered the area and lions making a kill almost every second or third day.

We’ve also seen a lot of lions climbing trees which seems to have become a hobby for them. Other sightings included hyaena trying to fight off lions from their kills, hyaena hunting warthog as well as leopard hunting everything from impala right down to catching squirrel for a light snack.

Camp News
Mary, a guest who was with us in August, wrote "We are back home and continue to talk about our amazing adventure in Botswana. I pasted in 4 of our favourite trip photos to share. These capture the essence of our time out in the bush. It was amazing and unforgettable." Thanks to Mary for her images which we have used in this newsletter.

Adding to our guest experience in camp we have a resident big bull elephant named Big Bob who alows close-up photos and has inspired loads of fascination amongst everyone. We are pretty sure no-one who has been here will ever forget Bob.

It’s been such a great month just having all the amazing couples, families and honeymooners here in our little paradise and we hope to see every single one of them again.

Staff in Camp
Guides: Madala Kay, Sam, Sevara and Rain
Managers: Julie, Johan, Rhino and Busie

More photos by: Don Primley and Scott stamp

Newsletter done by Ryno Verster

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