Little Vumbura Camp - November 2012

Dec 6, 2012 Little Vumbura
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The rainy season has officially begun - Overcast days and light showers almost daily have been cooling the Delta beautifully. Although not as much as last year at this time, but 45 mm of rain this month has transformed the area into a stunning sea of green vegetation.

The temperatures were scorching at the beginning of the month, the last big blast from October but since the arrival of the first rain it has been cool and the conditions for game viewing have been excellent. With highs of 35° C and lows of 21° C it has been pleasant for guests out and about in the concession. The rain has been constant but has not affected the activities we offer, so fortunately nobody got caught out in the rain. We did however have a phenomenal electric storm in the middle of the month which was a great opportunity for the photographers in camp who got some electrifying photographs of lightning bolts.

Out on the vehicle the sightings this month have been exciting and thrilling for a lot of our guests. The resident wild dogs, known as the Golden Pack, have been seen regularly and with their pups growing fast they are becoming more and more curious. The pups were recently seen trying their luck at hunting. They managed to flank a large water monitor but didn`t quite know what to do with it when they finally succeeded in cornering it. A lot of hissing and snarling was the final result of an otherwise incredibly exciting event.

Meanwhile the adults who were watching this enthralling event picked up the scent of an impala herd. Ears and heads shot up and the chase was on. The guides sadly couldn't keep up with these stealthy and amazingly well organised hunters but managed to arrive at the kill moments after it took place. Our guests were privileged enough to see the after effect of the rare African wild dogs finish their kill and then feed the pups - a truly special event to witness.

Our local lioness and her four cubs have been spotted often, and the cubs are growing well if you can call them cubs anymore. This pride consists of a mother and four offspring - two boys and two girls. The two boys are looking well groomed and their manes are becoming much more prominent, we expect them to be splitting from the pride soon. Lucky for the boys there is another female in the concession who is still mothering two cubs, unlucky for her though one cub is a male and unless he grows quickly and can hold his own he may have a fight on his hands. Trouble in the concession could be caused by the new adult male we have wondering the area seen on numerous occasions following our vast herds of buffalo which have noted as being nearly 1000 strong. So any younger males in the area are currently in danger of clashing with this mighty king of beasts.

We have been having some fabulous bird sightings. Pel's fishing-owl has been spotted on three different occasions while on drive, secretary birds and two wattled cranes have been seen nearby camp often. Above the main area we have three separate nests, home to red-headed weavers. It has been awesome to watch the males build their nests from scratch. An African paradise-flycatcher has built a nest in the main area and we have been lucky to catch a glimpse here and there of the female sitting on her eggs - we expect to hear the chirping of chicks any day now. Huge flocks of European swallows have been flying south over the area as they continue with their impressive migration.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Sam, Sevara and Rain.
Guides: Hamish, Millie, Kabelo and Kay.

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