Little Vumbura Camp - October 2012

Nov 19, 2012 Little Vumbura
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In terms of weather, October has been surprisingly mild this season. However, we did record the monthly high at a staggering 45° C on one occasion. Our saving grace this month was the lack of humidity which is what usually makes an October in Botswana become known as 'Suicide Month'. The mornings in general have been overcast, making for some really scenic and beautiful sunrises as the sun's rays pierce the cloud cover. Once this cloud cover passes over, the conditions are perfect for our guests to laze around the pool and enjoy a siesta. In terms of rain, we only received a mere 3mm of rain, but we did experience a number of electrical storms.

Animal activity on the island this month has been fantastic. With the water dropping around the island it is allowing access to far more wildlife than usual. We have constantly had big herds of elephant in camp, hippo and an amazing event of a pride of five lions killing a kudu on the island! Unfortunately this pride did not stay long, but we believe they now know that there is easy game on the island, they will be back.

Outings in the concession have also been very successful this month. We had beautiful sightings of a cheetah feeding on its kill. This particular cheetah is a new male which will hopefully settle in the area. In terms of lion, the resident pride is currently rearing eight cubs and have been incredibly successful in their hunting this month as we have seen this pride feeding on buffalo, warthog and sable.

The hyaena den has once again provided great close-up sightings of their cubs, as they have now left the confines of the den and are often seen playing around at the entrance of the den.

The Golden Pack of wild dogs have been rather elusive this month, but we did manage to have a couple great sightings of this unique pack. When we did see the pack, they were chasing after either impala or reedbuck. The pack is now quite large as their pups are now joining them on the hunting forays. It is interesting to see how the pups interact with the adults.

On the birding side, the woodland kingfishers have returned and all we can hear now in the day is their characteristic 'chhrrrrrrrrrr' call.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Hamish, Millie, Sly and Kb.
Guides: Sam, Rain and Madala Kay.

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