Little Vumbura – July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 Little Vumbura
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Climate and Landscape
Even during the “winter” of the Okavango, Little Vumbura was quite a spectacle. The Delta waters were abundant with the surrounding landscape having changed from lush green and dense bush to stark, open wooded areas, brown grasslands and drying pans. The afternoons seemed short and sunset almost came too soon, though it did bring with it a multitude of oranges, yellows and blues to indigos… just spectacular.

Settling down for the evening on our star deck, the sky came alive with the rising of the moon, what a sight! It almost seemed that for a moment the sun had started rising again and as the evening sky turned dark, a spectacular white disc slowly took over the night sky, outshining the stars of the southern skies and even more so, the Milky Way.

The evening set in upon us and the sounds of the bush came alive with the roar of lion, the call of hyaena, trumpeting elephant and grunting hippo while barking baboons seemed to be right outside the rooms. Often it seemed the sound reverberated right through one, sending a little chill through the body, together with the winter evening breeze.

The game viewing at Little Vumbura has once again not disappointed, with the Kubu Pride of lions having mated with the dominant males in the area. They have entertained guests with spectacular kills of buffalo and warthog and reminded us all of who is king of the African bush.

Throngs of plains game and a buffalo herd of approximately 200 animals are becoming ever-present and we only hope they stay here until the rains come once again. We have not gone long without sighting leopard while the wild dog are denning so we all are anxiously waiting to see what the pack has kept from us over the past few months.

Camp Activities
Relaxing with the evening’s pre-dinner drink with our guests, thrilled by their day’s activities with our wonderful guides, we would sit down to a delicious dinner prepared by our kitchen. The table would be alive with laughter and stories from both our guides and guests… what an end to a great day on safari!

This is Little Vumbura – a hidden treasure in the Okavango Delta.

Newsletter by Stephen Tregoning

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