Little Vumbura - March 2013

Mar 11, 2013 Little Vumbura
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While we wait for the arrival of the annual inundation, the water levels seem to be still dropping and the weather has been very pleasant here in the Delta. Temperatures have been ranging between 40° C and 20° C with only 3.5 mm of rainfall. We have had lovely breezes during the day and in the early mornings it is becoming notably chillier as we begin the winter season.

The game viewing in the concession once again this month has been fantastic. We have seen a herd of buffalo upwards of 800 which has also brought with it great lion sightings as they follow this massive number of prey. In one encounter guests witnessed a kill - they could not have been any closer to as it took place right next to the vehicle. While watching the mega-herd move through an open plain, a ruckus broke out to the left of the vehicle as a buffalo came charging out of the long grass followed by three lioness - all were heading directly for the vehicle. The ambitious lioness managed to successfully bring the beast down about two metres away from us. Our guide reacted quickly and managed to position the vehicle a bit further away and allowed the guests to safely watch and photograph this phenomenal sight.

The lions were not the only successful apex predators in the area – the resident pack of wild dog have put on a great show for our guests this month. Once again the Little Vumbura boat station has been a favourite spot for the dogs. On one occasion when camp staff were offloading the weekly supply delivery, we heard the characteristic yapping sound of the dogs and immediately noticed them in hot pursuit of a young reedbuck. We all watched in awe as the pack cornered the antelope and took it down a mere five metres away from us!

Leopard sightings have been really good too and the highlight for the month was the news of Selonyana, the resident female leopard, giving birth this month. We have not been able to see the cubs yet, but Selonyana is heavily lactating.

General game sightings have been equally as impressive as the predator sightings, as we just experienced abundance this month. Kudu, zebra, impala and lechwe provided non-stop excitement and we enjoyed a couple of sable sightings too.

Birding was pretty good this month, and filled in the gaps nicely between mammal sightings. Lesser-striped swallows have been very busy building nests around the camp area.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Hamish and Millie
Guides: Sevara, Sam and Rain.

Newsletter by Hamish Hendersona

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