Little Vumbura – May 2014

May 31, 2014 Little Vumbura
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Climate and Landscape
The month came to an end very quickly with the realisation that the first half of 2014 had already gone by, reminding us how consistently busy Little Vumbura has been with high occupancies as well as upgrades to the boat station and jetty. We are now gearing ourselves up for the start of the high season for our amazing camp in the Okavango Delta.

Yet again, the first half of the year brought about some spectacular game viewing, with our guides continuously pulling out all the stops to give our guests an unforgettable experience of the Delta, from exciting game drives to adventurous boat trips up the channel. Meanwhile, the utterly tranquil experience of a late afternoon mokoro ride with one of our polers takes the meaning of amazing sunsets at Little Vumbura to a new level.

The Kubu lion pride has been very active with two large buffalo kills during the month; leopard have been seen mating and we have seen ‘our’ three cheetah – two males and a female – passing through our concession for the third time in the past few weeks. Our resident wild dogs, the Golden Pack, have unfortunately lost two of the four sub-adults, which may have fallen prey to other predators in the area. However, they are still showing their prowess as very successful hunters, giving our guests the experience of a lifetime, as some of them have said.  

True to the extraordinary wildlife experiences the Okavango offers, there have been amazing and unusual sightings noted by our guests. These include Pel’s fishing-owl, African swamphen, Allen’s gallinule, a cattle egret eating a lark and a standoff between a large male lechwe and the three young cheetah. The lechwe gained the upper hand at the end of the day and escaped into the floodplain after being completely surrounded by the cheetah.

All in all it has been an eventful month around “the island” and with the winter season starting and the water rising by the day there is no doubt that each new day will bring about an amazing sunrise and sunset in the paradise we call Little Vumbura.

Newsletter by Stephen Tregoning


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