Little Vumbura - October 2013

Oct 29, 2013 Little Vumbura
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Weather and Landscape
The hot summer season is officially upon us, and even the early mornings are still quite warm with the minimum temperature recorded for the month being 16 °C and a maximum of 38 °C. The landscape is looking quite dry, but new shoots and sprouts are popping up all over the place. The sausage trees around the camp are currently flowering and these blooms are attracting myriad bird species.

As the marula trees are fruiting on the camp island, we have constantly been visited by elephants which have a hunger for the sweet fruits.

Predator sightings were incredible too as most guests got the opportunity to see lion, hyaena and leopard while out on drive. Some were even lucky enough to witness a lion kill during the month.

A really large buffalo herd has been seen on a number of occasions. This particular herd is well over a thousand strong and can easily be located from a distance as they stir up a big dust cloud while moving along.

Birds and Birding
Birding on the camp island has really been productive with the arrival of a number of summer migrants, while flowering trees and dropping water levels attracting many species. Many red-billed teals, malachite kingfishers and green-backed herons were seen along the water’s edge every day. Birding out on drive has also been really productive.

Staff in Camp

Managers: Alex, Julie, Johan and Ryno
Guides: Kay, Sam and Rain


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