Meet Poster Malongwa, 2014 Rhino Conservation Award's Best Field Ranger

Aug 4, 2014 |  Get To Know Your Guide
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Thanks to his efforts on the Botswana Rhino Reintroduction Project, Mpho 'Poster' Malongwa has spread the conservation message throughout Botswana and the world at large, garnering a massive amount of support through donations and raising awareness amongst the communities he encounters on his patrols around the country. Over his 13-year tenure, he has raised a tremendous amount in donations to the Rhino Project, and actively plays his role both in the field as Rhino Monitor as well as that of an ambassador to the rhinos’ cause wherever he goes.

Poster Malongwa, 2014 Rhino Conservation Award's Best Field Ranger

He is the cornerstone of the Mombo Choir, and a valuable interface between our guests and the culture of Botswana – he sings traditional songs as well as his own compositions, displaying his passion for his cultural roots and identity. In his presentations to guests he actively engenders his pride in his community, both at home and within the camp. As a conservationist, he goes beyond the parameters of his job by encouraging and educating staff on all levels to know more about rhino and to see them with him where possible – to this extent he also tries his utmost to get guests sightings of these animals when they are in expedient locations. In a commercial sense, apart from the donations his efforts attract, he is also known in the outside world as a stalwart of Mombo and to this effect maintains the profile of Mombo to encourage visitors to the area. He is always on hand to meet guests, talk about his project, help out in camp, and make himself available to all to assist, no matter how small or big the task may be.

All this considering his minimal education – Poster left school with only a Std. 3 level. In the past 11 years, he has grown his skills to a level where he is able to work with a variety of specialists in the field. In doing so, he has encountered many, and thus grown the Wilderness environmental commitment and development among them. Poster’s influence goes beyond his standing as a giant of Mombo, into the arenas of government departments, the Botswana Defence Force, the rural communities, as well as with international donors.

Poster is the embodiment of a 4Cs hero in every way: culture, community, commerce and conservationist; the success of Botswana’s rhino is in no small way due to his incredible commitment.

Read more about Poster's exciting 2014 Best Field Ranger award here.

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By Ilana Stein

Ilana has been writing and editing for Wilderness Safaris for over ten years now, and has been lucky enough to have written about Children in the Wilderness and the Wilderness Trust, and to see many of the amazing places that Wilderness operates. She has a particular fondness for baobab trees.

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