Mike & Marian on Safari: Small Changes to Vumbura South Make a Big Difference.

Mar 14, 2014 Mike and Marian on Safari
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Premier camp Vumbura South’s lounge area has been refurbished in soft greens and blues that blend in perfectly with the summer hues of the Okavango Delta floodplain in front of camp. The deck rolls out from the lounge area through to the dining area that has been redone to resemble the Vumbura North dining area.

Vumbura Plains South

Vumbura Plains South

The biggest changes are to be noted in the rooms that have been designed to give uninterrupted views of the glorious and majestic floodplain. The walls of the room that feature the shower are now glass instead of shade-cloth while the floor of the shower has been completely re-laid with stone-coloured mosaic tiles and it looks superb. The shower curtains have been redesigned to drape and now hang romantically over the shower. These curtains can hang open or can unfold to encase the shower area for more privacy or warmth.

Vumbura Plains South

The rich blue of the gazebo cushions outside matches the water of the plunge pool as well as that of the Delta. The covers of the cushions on the chaise longue chairs on the deck in front of the pool have also been redone so one can comfortably and carefully lie in the sun during siesta time and do some relaxed sunbathing under warm and friendly Okavango Delta skies.

Inside, the sunken lounge area has been completely refurbished with new soft touches. The cushions have been re-covered and are paired with large comfortable scatter cushions where you can comfortably sit and enjoy your book, occasionally glancing up at the magnificent views. A new rug sits underneath three small round tables that have been stylishly placed to hold a refreshing beverage just an arm’s length away. The mini bar-fridge now slides back into a specially designed housing and a separate pedestal fan is a welcome addition for the hotter months.

Vumbura Plains south

The bed has new linen and large comfortable well-puffed scatter cushions as well as two throws at the foot of the bed for covering up while you catch the midday snooze that is the happy routine of being on safari. The mosquito net has been redesigned and hangs in the same fashion as the shower curtains. At night the folds of the net are released from the hoops and safely encase the sleeping area in a romantic tulle tent.

Large hanging blinds of a natural grass fabric have a very delicate design and create a unique room divider. These are in three parts and can be drawn out fully to block out the space between the bathroom area and the sleeping area, or they can be drawn back to open up the room.

Both Vumbura North and Vumbura South are designed as contemporary safari-styled camps. The new features of Vumbura South are stylish and elegant and have unquestionably brought the camp in line with elegant sister Vumbura North.


All pictures © Mike Myers

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By Marian Myers

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