Mumbo Island Camp - January 2014

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Weather and Landscape
Malawi’s summer season has begun – the almost daily rain has turned the whole country into a thriving, green and growing paradise. Previously dusty plains are bursting with colour, and of course Mumbo Island is almost a jungle at this time of year. The miombo woodland hills of the island are in full leaf and every week a new bulb or mushroom springs into life.

Camp Activities
New Year’s Eve on Mumbo is not about wild parties, but about a delicious meal and good company in a magnificent setting. The local choir comes out on the first day of January to sing in the New Year, after which guests enjoy a special buffet lunch. This year, our group of guests got on so well together that we sat them all down at a single long table to enjoy the lunch together. Thereafter everyone wandered off to enjoy the island in their own way: napping in a hammock on their private deck or sleeping off the meal on a beach lounger. What a way to start the year!

Camp News
Mumbo Island becomes a self-catering operation during the summer (up until the end of February). We close Mumbo Island Camp to our regular fully-inclusive visitors from mid-January until the end of February because this is the rainy season and only the most intrepid of guests venture on holiday at this time. But for those hardy souls, Mumbo in this lush, growing season is a joy to behold. The island’s hikes are richly rewarding in terms of bird and plant life. The days can be balmy when the rains stop and self-catering guests get to enjoy this island paradise at a greatly reduced cost.

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