Mumbo Island Camp - July 2012

Aug 19, 2012 |   |   | 
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Weather and Landscape
The temperatures for this month have been moderate yet comfy. The evenings tend to cool down a little, but there is no need for thick winter clothing, maybe just a light sweater. As we get closer to August, which is known as the windy month, the wind over the lake has picked up - making for some very interesting and exciting island crossings.

Camp News
On the 17th July, the Department of Parks and Wildlife organised a trip to Mumbo Island for five university students to learn about environmentally sensitive waste management. The Department of Parks and Wildlife chose Mumbo as the best example of a tourist facility in a National Park where waste management is handled perfectly.

Mumbo Island Camp manager Joseph Kamanje accompanied the students throughout, explaining how all waste generated is transferred from the island to the mainland for recycling. Even the waste from the dry compost toilets is buried on the mainland and used a year later as compost for tree planting. Kitchen waste is separated into organic waste, plastics and tins and these are also recycled back on the mainland. The students were fascinated to see how Mumbo staff members recycle wine bottles by cutting them into drinking glasses and candle protectors used on the island and sold to other lodges in Cape Maclear.

The group, including a ranger from National Parks, enjoyed lunch and soft drinks on Mumbo before catching the boat back to the mainland. The trip was rated as "highly educational" by the students, who said they would now be sure to pass their exam with flying colours!

Newsletter by Tracey

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