Mumbo Island Camp - October 2013

Oct 29, 2013 |   |   | 
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Weather and Landscape
The weather in October in Malawi is hot and dry, making this time of year ideal for lake visits – and spending some time in the cool, refreshing water!

In terms of vegetation, there is still quite a bit of dry, brown foliage around, but as soon as one goes close to the water’s edge, the vegetation becomes lush and green. We have received a few brief showers of rain which will start transforming the landscape.

Over the last couple of months our island has been visited by a very curious spotted-necked otter which has become a creature of habit. The energetic little critter has taken a liking to fishing and basking in the sun on the rocks under Tent 5.

The Cape Maclear Community Secondary School in Chembe Village is run by the local community and the government gives them assistance to pay the teachers. Funding for any extra-mural activities is quite often hard to find though, so Mumbo Island is only too happy to help. The school has a very passionate and talented soccer team which battle with a lack of equipment such as soccer balls and soccer kits. We were proud to donate these much-needed items. Both the teachers and the students were delighted with their new gear.

On the 26 October, Mumbo Island sponsored the local CCAP Woman’s Church with a boat ride. The congregation from Blantyre visited the Cape Maclear congregation and it was absolutely amazing to watch the group of around 40 woman sing and dance while on the boat.

Guest Comments
“Less than twenty-four hours on Mumbo Island and I’d been left with the realisation of why Malawi is becoming such a popular place to visit. I had arrived with trepidation about the lodge’s ability to give that luxury experience that is so befitting to its surroundings, without the modern amenities that we’re used to in even the most basic of accommodation. I didn’t miss it though.

"Mumbo Island is truly one of the most magical places I’ve been to, and does offer and deliver the luxury in every sense that an island of such beauty compliments. That said, without the staff it would simply be a tree house on an island – albeit with a great view. No matter what you earn, where you come from, or where else you’ve been – find yourself on Mumbo and you’ll return home knowing you’ve been somewhere more special than ever before.”

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