Mvuu Camp and Mvuu Lodge - January 2013

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Weather and Landscape
We are now well into the rainy season and the floodplains are a rich carpet of green. The vegetation in the thickets and riverine areas have become extremely lush and the lagoon in front of the lodge has filled up considerably, with the overhanging vegetation once more providing superb cover for the white-backed night heron which has taken up residence along the water's edge over the last couple of months.

It really is incredible how the landscape changes after the summer rains arrive. The overall conditions for the month have been warm and comfy with the rains offering some respite from the midday heat.

While in general, the rains disperse the wildlife, we are still getting exceptional viewing in and around the camp area.

Large herds of impala abound, and three large groups are concentrated on the grassland between the camp and the main road. This year's fawn season seems to be as successful as ever and there are several large nursery herds which are still full of fawns that were born around November last year.

Traditionally, the sable is the first antelope to move out of the floodplains into the woodlands once the rains arrive. This has once again proved true, as we are now encountering smaller groups in the well-wooded areas.

In terms of elephant numbers, the big breeding herds which have been spending the drier months along the Shire River have dispersed away from the river and we now mainly encounter solitary bulls and small bachelor groups which have remained along the building.

The increased insect life brought on by the rains has meant great night-time views of insectivorous species - particularly white-tailed mongoose, genet and civet which are all gorging themselves in this time of plenty.

Guest Comments
"Most enjoyable part of trip! All together it was great. Our guide was fantastic and very ambitious to fulfil our expectations - we saw everything that we wanted to and even more."

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