Mvuu Camp - May 2011

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Weather and Landscape
As is typical for this time of year the days grow ever colder and drier and it is now definitely necessary to wear our custom-made ponchos on game drives and sit around the boma fire in the evening. Early mornings are wonderful with occasional dawn river mists. The perennial waterholes are drying up and while some remain we can already see increasing numbers of elephant on the river and increasing numbers of buffalo and sable antelope on the northern floodplains.

With the seasonal waterholes drying up rapidly, an astounding variety and number of animals can be seen congregating around the remaining water sources, taking advantage of the water as well as the associated vegetation around the surface water. The general game activity really has been superb and is definitely on the increase.

We were entertained by constant elephant activity, with many encounters of both bulls and large breeding herds. On more than one occasion we got to witness the gargantuan mammals mating, starting the 22-month gestation period that elephant cows undergo to produce a calf weighing in at around 120kg - amazing to think that the large adult males can weigh in at 6000kg.

Our guests were also treated to a number of small wonders throughout the month, some of these sightings including: nine bushpig, a group of five porcupine, eight Lichtenstein's hartebeest and three roan.

Birds and Birding
May was great for birding, as the avians came to the party. Some of the notable sightings include: an Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike feeding its young, a flock of over 50 Lilian's Lovebirds near camp - these common 'specials' usually live in flocks of 20 or less. Regular daytime sightings of White-backed Night-Heron, increasing sightings of Martial Eagle (a rare resident) and numerous sightings of Bronze-winged Courser on the Ntangai River. Brown-breasted Barbets were also sighted in and around camp throughout the month. The highlight for the month was a White-headed Vulture, Osprey and a Palmnut Vulture all sharing the same tree at Mkango Corner.

Camp News
Recently Dr. Claudia Weinspach and her friends from Germany enjoyed a popular new activity at Mvuu - a full cooked breakfast on the boat! Dr Weinspach had the following comment:
"Dear Samuel,
Thank you for all your help during our time at Mvuu, we enjoyed ourselves very much, it was a special experience because you put so much effort into your guiding. Especially the day when we had breakfast on the boat and saw the elephants bathing."

Mvuu Camp says farewell to Amini Wailess, who has retired after 17 years of service at Mvuu Camp. We wish him a long and happy retirement.

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