Mvuu Lodge - June 2012

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Weather and Landscape
The mornings at Mvuu start off chilly but warm up quickly as the sun rises. Due to cooler temperatures and pleasant weather, all camp activities have been very comfortable. As evening approaches and guests stop for sundowners, a refreshingly cool breeze often blows, along with stunning sunsets that shine through the darkening silhouette of the floodplains. This is one of the best times to view the night sky in Liwonde. When moonlight is limited and clouds clear, a huge mass of sparkling stars can be seen spread across the entire night sky.

Game viewing remains as interesting as ever in Liwonde and we have encountered a lot of game movements throughout the month - especially in regard to elephant herds. We spotted a breeding herd of no less than 90 elephant by the airstrip. They appeared mildly disorientated and unfamiliar with their surroundings so we suspect that they were new to the park. We believe that this large breeding herd usually resides on the outskirts of Liwonde and entered the park via the Shire River. Unfortunately we also suspect that they've returned to the outskirts. As the dry season slowly sets in over the next few months, we hope that this herd will return to the park and game will start to concentrate around the river once more.

It's easy to spot baboons mating (our guides joke that they sense they are being watched and sometimes put on a show). Recently we encountered a less common occurrence in the camp dining area where we saw a pair of monkeys mating - all in clear view of our guests who found the whole display rather hilarious.
As mating season has arrived, the park's kudu are showing their dominance and we've seen several kudu bulls fighting and mounting one another in a dominance display.

Nocturnal sightings have also been good this month with porcupine, Meller's mongoose, white-tailed mongoose and genet all making our list.

The highlight for June came right at the end of the month when a group of 14 guests were enjoying a bush dinner. The group heard lion audio, which could've only been from one individual - Titus, the large male lion of the area. The opportunity was seized and we went in search of the impressive feline. Staff and guests jumped onto the vehicles and were rewarded with a fantastic sighting of Titus shortly after beginning the search.

Birds and Birding
This month we had some pretty amazing sightings of brown-breasted barbets which are usually quite rare. We have also had sightings of Pel's fishing-owl, giant kingfisher, palm-nut vulture, Bohm's bee-eater, and western-banded snake-eagle to name but a few.

Camp News
A group of Mvuu guests embarked on the admirable feat of cycling 60km through Liwonde National Park, stopping for drinks and game viewing along the way. The group was led by our guide Danger and accompanied by a national park scout. We've never led such a long cycle through Liwonde National Park before and completing a circuit on this tough but scenic terrain is a challenge our guests and team should be proud of.

Njobvu Cultural Lodge visits have been ever popular this month. If you haven't been to Njobvu yet, make sure you stop by on your next visit to Mvuu. After a relaxing 15-minute cycle ride, you'll be able to enjoy a tour of the village or experience a traditional dance. The lodge also performs an incredibly melodic rendition of "Waka Waka" accompanied by a spectacular fire dance.

Guest Comments
"A special thank you to the entire staff at Mvuu - always ready to go the extra mile. Thank you!"

"Duncan was great, friendly and professional, thanks a lot!"

Guides in Camp
Matthews, Mc Loud, Danger, David, Patrick, Duncan, Justin, Henry and George.

Newsletter by Henry, Patrick, Danger and Justine.

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