North Island: 2013 - the year of change

May 29, 2013 Conservation
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A lot of changes have occurred lately, as a new generation comes in to continue the North Island legacy…

Having said farewell to Dr Linda Vanherck and wishing her all the best after six-and-a-half years of dedication to Mother Nature on North Island, we now welcome Dr Javier Cotin into the position of Environmental Officer. A bird researcher, as well as a keen birdwatcher and bird-bander, we look forward to welcoming Dr Cotin to our North Island way and learning from his expertise and teachings.

So far our dream of completely rehabilitating North Island  and introducing native and endemic bird species (such as the magpie robin and Seychelles paradise flycatcher), is still somewhat in the future, but the more mynas we eradicate the closer we get to it. For a couple of hectic months earlier this year, the myna eradication project was put on hold, but as of May we are back on our feet and facing the challenges head-on in order to achieve our conservation goals. Wish us luck…!

The green turtle breeding season is from January to September and it is their time to shine (although some green turtles also nested during the hawksbill breeding season which is just prior). So far 69 tracks have been found on our beautiful beaches, and many of those have resulted in hatched babies.

We managed to save one green turtle nest by bringing it to the office and it hatched just in time to welcome Javier!

Many exiting things are happening.

We will keep you posted on our new projects and the environmental goings-on around North Island.

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By Mariette Dine

An young Seychellois and now part of the North Island family, Mariette strives to mobilise action and awareness for the conservation of Seychelles fauna and flora in her environmental assistant role.

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