North Island raises a glass to onsite bottled water

Apr 7, 2014 Conservation
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North Island in the Seychelles has in the past been one of our camps that has not enjoyed the same success with reducing bottled water as some of our other camps. In recognition of this we have been searching to find a solution that would best suit this luxury resort in the tropics.

As a result we have partnered with Vivreau water systems, producing our own pure still and sparkling water onsite. This has already had tremendous success on the island, reducing bottled water consumption by over 40% in 2013 and eliciting great feedback from guests as to the quality of the water.

Both guests and staff can now enjoy locally produced Vivreau still and sparkling water allowing us to ultimately entirely remove plastic water bottles from staff and guest areas. In all the guest areas, including the restaurant and villas, water is bottled on site in stylish reusable Vivreau glass bottles. At the pool areas and on activities, reusable stainless steel bottles are provided to guests as opposed to the previously numerous 500ml plastic water bottles.

As we and our guests get used to this new system of bottled water from Vivreau, we can expect our plastic water bottle use to drop well below the already impressive 40% reduction of 2013. This, in addition to the associated carbon emissions of plastic water bottle production and delivery onto the island and off again as waste!

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By Brett Wallington

Brett joined Wilderness Safaris in May 2011 and has been a key player in the company’s progress towards adopting the 4Cs approach to sustainability. Recognised by the influential Mail & Guardian newspaper as a Climate Change Leader in 2014, Brett now heads up the US Sales Business Unit, based in Johannesburg.

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