Odzala Camps - March 2014

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Ngaga Camp, Ndzehi Concession
Greetings from the fairest Congo! Most of the trees are full of fruit and there has been a frenzy of activity in the forest. Putty-nosed monkeys are feeding and calling, dangling from the tall trees, before performing their spectacular jumping stunts from one tree to the other. Night time brings a concert to life, from calling tree frogs to the very vocal tree hyrax.

The gorillas are a marvel to watch as always. An incredible thing to see is how they dig for roots. With their very powerful arms they dig the roots out and then peel them like a banana to get to the soft sweet cambium layer. They are also quite fastidious, as they carefully clean the roots to get rid of any sand or soil – using their fur to do so.

It is a humbling sight to see them foraging on the ground – yet another reason to come to the Congo rainforest, aside from experiencing the very different habitats of flora and the diverse fauna. Then there’s the ability to walk in undisturbed forests, crossing over clear free-flowing rivers as nature intended it to be, and to meet the people. Congo is an amazing country.

Lango Camp, Odzala-Kokoua National Park
From African grey parrot flocks in their hundreds coming to the bai to feed on the minerals to large numbers of green pigeons landing and taking off almost the same time, Lango Bai in front of camp is the perfect place to be. Then there are the forest elephants trumpeting and splashing playfully at night and very early in the morning, which makes for a lovely lullaby – and wake-up call.

On our boat cruises on the Lekoli River we have seen elephants feeding on the banks of the river, including thrillingly a young mother with a chubby calf; she kept circling her calf to protect her from any lurking danger. A young bull stood right in the middle of the Lekoli blowing into the water with his trunk and then slurping up the minerals that had gotten disturbed from this action.

We also saw buffalo wallowing in the mud, various monkeys chattering and feeding on the fruit and had the spectacular, very rare sighting of a family of giant forest hogs crossing the road near the river.

All in all, things are alive and well in Odzala!


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