Okavango Delta – From a different perspective…

Dec 5, 2012 Trip Reviews
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The dynamics of the Okavango are one of my favourite subjects of discussion with visitors to this region, and encompass a multitude of factors which can be broken down into three major elements- geology, hydrology and biology, which can then be examined further into a multitude of deeper studies.

Since the region is by nature extraordinarily flat, the best way to really take in the beauty and diversity of the Okavango is by viewing it from the air.

In this series of images, taken over the course of this year from the vantage point of a helicopter, I hope to share with you the beauty and wonder of this fascinating environment- the mosaics of colour, patterns generated by water and the passage of a multitude of feet and hooves.

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By Ryan Green

Ryan makes the most of his passion for writing, photography, travel and wild places to generate and sustain fascinating material on Botswana’s wildlife and scenic places for Wilderness Safaris.

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