Ongava Lodge - June 2011

Jun 30, 2011 Ongava Lodge
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Weather and Landscape
We are now at the peak of the winter season. The weather has been very unpredictable with the afternoons being partially warm with temperatures reaching 25° C and the late evenings have dropped to 3° C. Some evenings we have been receiving a cold breeze from the south that made the conditions at night a little colder.

The landscape is going through its dramatic annual transformation, drying out into an arid habitat. All the deciduous trees and shrubs such as the mopane trees and purple pod terminalias, which are now completely bare, as they have shed their green coverings. Surface water is also becoming a demand as the waterholes are receiving increased interest from the thirsty animals.

General game sightings have been great for the month as we are finding huge concentrations of game making their way down to the waterholes. It is such an amazing thing to see these hordes of wild animals making their way down to the waterholes in single file all with the same goal in mind - quenching the African thirst. The best time to visit these activity hubs is during the early morning and the late afternoon in between feeding bouts.

On the abiotic side of the scale, we had a great view of the Lunar Eclipse which took place on the 15 June. It was fantastic to see the earth's shadow completely cast over the moon, especially in an area where there is absolutely no light pollution.

Guest Comments
"What a wonderful experience - the staff are outstanding, game viewing was phenomenal and the environment is unspoilt. Keep up the great work!" Kim and Rolan (Switzerland)

Staff in Camp
Managers: Adriano, Agnes, George and Jason
Guides: Kapona, Willem, Henock, Michael and Abraham.

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