Ongava Lodge - May 2011

May 26, 2011 Ongava Lodge
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Weather and Landscape
This year we experienced rather high rainfall all over the reserve, and we believe it has come to an end as the temperature has dropped and this is a sure sign of the onset of winter. Though we still had some isolated showers within the reserve we predict that the rains will stop until the return of the summer months. The temperature generally ranges from 17° C to 29° C with the mornings and evenings being cool and crisp.

The beauty of nature - every season highlights a different charm in the bush, the fruits of winter already becoming evident. As things are already starting to dry up in Ongava Reserve, the waterholes in the reserve are teeming with life by midday as a plethora of game arrive to quench their thirst.

Lion have been quite active in the area often moving in between Ongava Reserve and Etosha. The well-known Stompie Pride has now fragmented into smaller groups which have spread all over the reserve adding up to some great sightings for our guests.

The nomadic elephant herds are making their way back into Ongava, which is great news as now the guides no longer have to drive long distances to find these pachyderms. Ongava still stands out as the premier destination to view rhino as we can prove, having been treated to some fantastic sightings.

On the ectothermic side of the scale, we had a really unusual sighting during an afternoon drive, when we came across a Southern African python feeding in a tree. Upon closer inspection we noticed the reptile was feeding on a Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill. This provided us with hours of amazement as we wondered how the snake was going to get its mouth over the bird's beak. The snake eventually dropped to the floor and manoeuvred the awkwardly shaped prey into its stomach - a great meal for the herp and an even greater sighting for us.

Guest Comments
"Outstanding lodge, wonderful staff, we have been treated like royalty awesome thank you." Joe and Samantha
"Some of the most memorable rhino sighting we have had, with beautiful specimens!" Jeff and Clair

Staff in Camp
Managers: Adriano, Agnes, George and Jayson.
Guides: Adriano, Agnes,George and Jayson.

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