Ongava Tented Camp - April 2013

Apr 6, 2013 Ongava Tented Camp
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Weather and Landscape
This month all in Namibia were really lucky as we received some much-anticipated rain - most likely the last for the season. This month we received a total of 26 mm. We were all amazed at how quickly the environment responded to the rains as there has been an explosion of new shoots and flowers, flooding the landscape with colour. In terms of temperature, we have not experienced cold conditions as yet, with the average temperatures ranging in the low 30s (Celsius). The average low for the month was 18° C, which indicates that winter is slowly creeping in.

Wildlife sightings have been pretty good this month but due to the rain, much of the wildlife has dispersed as there is more surface water available. The late flush of budding vegetation has also caused the herbivores to spread out. This in turn has resulted in the predators changing their hunting strategy and dispersing with the prey species. This meant that sightings at the camp waterhole declined a little, but out on game drive we had no problems finding wildlife.

The mystery bat species which we mentioned in last month’s newsletter has finally been identified as a Commerson’s leaf-nosed bat. Bono managed to identify the bat after spending much time reading the field guides and researching the subject.

Another exciting natural occurrence which occurs annually has begun. The impala have started to rut and this is always quite a spectacle to witness as the large males become extremely territorial and invest all of their time and effort into herding females and chasing off other males. The process can be very audible as the males fight with one another. Given the focus of the males on their territorial duties, they don’t pay much attention to predators and become easy prey.

Guest Comments
“We would like to thank you sincerely for the kindness and attention you have shown to us during our stay - it was exceptional. The private dining when Stuart was ill, your thoughtfulness about everything you planned and did for us. All the outings with Bono were fantastic. Everything was a joy!”

“The food was incredible and we loved it when camp chef Kauna joined us after dinner in her traditional Herero outfit. Keep up the great work!”


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