Ongava Tented Camp - March 2013

Mar 12, 2013 Ongava Tented Camp
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Weather and Landscape
It’s the end of February and still no rain! It has definitely been a very dry summer for Namibia, but hopefully we will receive a little more rain before the ‘dry’ season starts. Average temperatures have been quite high this month, with most of our guests spending their afternoons in the pool.

As the camp was fairly quiet this month, camp staff had the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas a little more for themselves. This allowed some of our staff to enjoy their first black rhino sightings, with one sighting being of three relaxed individuals.

An unusual sighting for the month was when we found a black-faced impala which had a large white spot on its face. We came to the conclusion that it could either be a birthmark of sorts, or possibly, the impala was a hybrid - the result of a black-faced impala breeding with a springbok?

As the area is very dry, the camp waterhole has attracted good numbers of wildlife, ensuring some outstanding game viewing from the comfort of the camp and tents!

Herds of black-faced impala, kudu, eland, giraffe and springbok were the order of the day, as each species seemed to arrive at the same time to spend the heat of the day at the cool water.

Camp Activities
This month our guests enjoyed a couple of bush dinners, which was an exciting experience for all, including camp staff who enjoyed getting out of camp.

During the month, we had an Explorations group visit camp. Regan was their guide and made sure that his guests had no idea of the bush dinner. It was indeed a very pleasant surprise for them!

To add to the experience, our staff took pride and enthusiasm in performing traditional singing and dancing for our guests at dinner time. This was enjoyed by our guests, many of whom said that the camp must offer this more often.


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