Ongava Tented Camp - May 2013

May 6, 2013 Ongava Tented Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The weather conditions are still very favourable as the daily highs reach around 30° C, but once the sun goes down, the temperature does drop to around half of the daily highs – a clear indication that winter is here.

It is quite funny every morning when we arrive at the camp's main area as the rock hyrax are often found all huddling together on a rock, waiting for the sun's first rays to warm them up - looking like they are waiting for someone to take their group photo!

Wildlife activity in Ongava has been incredible this month as we have witnessed some great sightings.

One morning while having breakfast, the OTC Pride of lions and their cubs visited the camp waterhole. It was an outstanding sighting as the pride had a drink and then spent some time relaxing while the cubs spent their excess energy by playing with one another. What made this sighting even more special was the fact that the cubs were estimated to be only two months old!

Rhino sightings have been pretty good too, with both species of rhino being seen within the reserve.

General game sightings have been really good too, as most of the water sources have dried up in the reserve, creating great game viewing at the dry season waterholes.

On the birding side we have enjoyed constant avian activity as many bird species visit the waterholes. A pair of golden orioles have taken a liking to the camp area as we hear their bubbling call every day. This month we enjoyed many sightings of both the male and female.

Guest Comments
“What a great safari experience – some of our highlights included a sighting of a rhino and calf, a caracal at the camp waterhole and a lion roaring right in front of our tent. The camp staff made our safari experience – all wonderful people.”

“As part of a cultural experience, the staff would come and sing for all of the guests. We absolutely loved the way the staff sang happy birthday for Edith – very special!”


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