Ongava Tented Camp - November 2009

Nov 30, 2009 Ongava Tented Camp
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The rains were expected to start in full swing but have so far stayed away - much to the delight of all the guests, as this ensured a wonderful month for game viewing.

The rains are not all bad though. They mean seeing fewer animals, but they also mean the landscape slowly transforms into a vision of green with flowers slowly blossoming. The rain provides the animals with much-needed respite and somehow evens the playing field for the antelope as they do not always have to go the waterholes where they are more likely to be preyed upon. Once the rains start the guiding becomes more difficult as the Ongava terrain becomes harder to traverse. A few flat tyres will undoubtedly add to the adventure of it all!

November is usually the last month where game viewing can be described as prolific, with much rain expected from December onwards. A prolific month it has been though, with a number of great sightings reported from guests and guides alike.

There have been numerous occasions where lion, white rhino and black rhino have been seen... all on one game drive! Cheetah have also been spotted on the odd occasion, although this is quite a rare sighting.

Another rare sighting this month has been a caracal. This cat must surely rate as one of the most beautiful cats around with its exquisite facial markings and delightful ears. Although it is a very widespread cat - ranging from the Middle East to Southern Africa - it is a special sight in the wild, especially considering its nocturnal nature.

It's not all about the big animals at Ongava Tented Camp however - sightings of chameleons while driving back to camp in the dark are becoming one of our specialities!

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