Pelo Camp – June 2014

Jun 30, 2014 Pelo Camp
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Climate and Landscape
We experienced relatively mild temperatures for this time of year, with the days reaching an average high of 23 ° Celsius and rarely dropping below 12°. The weather was absolutely perfect for spending the day outside, and then around the fire at night. Spectacular sunsets were experienced every day from our beautiful bar and viewing deck. The water level is already starting to drop, with up to 2 cm per week being recorded.

We were visited often by the elephants here at Pelo Camp during June. They allowed for some great photo opportunities, offering guests very close encounters from the comfort of a lounge chair or even their outdoor shower. The elephants also like showing off their strength by shaking their favourite palm trees and crushing the palm-nuts with their powerful jaws.

With more and more hippo bulls surrounding the island, the noise levels are increasing. They are also very entertaining at night, displaying territorial battles right in front of our viewing deck. After a little exploration between our neighbouring islands, we managed to find a leopard on one of the nearby islands. We have seen some sitatunga tracks on our little island too, but no sightings yet of these elusive water antelope.

Birds and Birding
The birdlife at Pelo is fantastic, as you would expect from a water-based Okavango Delta camp. Our resident Pel’s fishing-owl’s chicks have grown and left the nest. The mother made use of this opportunity to relocate too, but happily not very far, as we still hear her calling at night. There are still plenty of African jacanas hanging around our little island. Walking along the pathways you will spot many woodpeckers hard at work and the African green pigeons feeding on their favourite sycamore figs.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Ruan Smit and Matilda Manyuka
Guides: John Zeporo and TT Manyuka


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