Pelo Camp – May 2014

May 31, 2014 Pelo Camp
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Climate and Landscape
May at Pelo Camp was superb with hot days and pleasantly cool evenings easing us into the Okavango Delta winter.  There was a slight breeze at early morning wake-up but the sun presented itself and warmed everything by 9am to provide beautifully warm days. Once the sun set – admired from our scenic viewing deck bar – it would become chilly, encouraging us to move to the welcoming fire.

Wildlife, Birds and Birding
Pelo is a very special island with its clean, white pathways and spectacular palm trees dotted around the island. Surrounded by the Delta waters, it is a pristine area for birdlife, in particular the sought-after Pel’s fishing-owl. The two Pel's fishing-owls that we know of are still on the island, hiding in the thick canopy of the sycamore figs on the fringe of the island’s south-east corner next to Tent 5. In fact, we even saw a Pel’s catch a fish and drop half of it on the walkway at Tent 5.

We’ve also seen a number of crocodiles, big and small this month.

One afternoon from the viewing deck we saw two green pigeons starting a nest. The male would collect twigs from the trees and bring them across to the female who would check each twig to see if it was strong enough – and if it wasn’t she would break the twig and drop it. A truly amazing sighting!

As there is no noise from boat engines we enjoy the sounds of the reed frogs chiming all through the night – really peaceful and relaxing – until the nearby hippos make themselves heard at night, splashing in the water and spraying next to the walkway!

Staff in Camp
Managers: Ruan Smit, Jade Frost Holt
Guides: Gibson Kehemetswe, John Zeporo


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