Pelo Camp - September 2013

Sep 19, 2013 Pelo Camp
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Pelo Camp opened its doors this month, after the long-awaited completion of our ‘heart’ in the concession. Special to all, the calm and peace that we call home on Pelo is ready to awaken your senses!

Weather and Landscape
September kicked off as a warm and balmy month at Pelo. We experienced two chilly nights which had all on the island grab extra blankets, and sent the elephants to hide in the palm thickets to shelter from the cold. After this unseasonal cold snap, the sun returned to Pelo and had guests and staff alike wishing for a splash in the Delta.

Water levels have dropped considerably and therefore make for excellent boat and mokoro activity.

The now-resident bull elephant made his presence known, coinciding with the arrival of our first guests at Pelo. He decided to inspect all areas of the camp to make sure our building was sound... apparently the loo with a view had a tasty roof! Our guests got an up close and personal view of the bull elephant sniffing around the lounge area; perhaps he wanted to taste the delicious high tea.

Guests in camp were woken one windy morning with the sound of a lion's roar echoing over the water to Pelo. Their roars have been entertaining us ever since at night.

Painted reed frogs are spotted on every mokoro experience. It is amazing how colourful and intricate the patterns can be on these truly minute amphibians, some smaller than a fingernail.

Birds and Birding
The birding has been incredible at Pelo, with African fish-eagles, yellow-billed storks, African openbills and wattled cranes being the regular visitors to the area. The other summer migrant birds have also started to arrive, with the southern-carmine bee-eaters being the first to fly in.

Green pigeons and Meyer’s parrots have been spending quite a lot of time in the palms around camp.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Nadia Fourie
Guides: Ngande (Moja) Ramocha


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