Photographing Elephants

Sep 18, 2012 Safari Prep
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Getting good photographs of wildlife is seldom by chance. Patience and anticipating your subjects next move, is what makes a winning picture. Because animals are generally predictable in their behaviour, a great tip to becoming a successful wildlife photographer is to study animal behaviour.

The best light for wildlife photography is the early morning as the sun is rising, or the late afternoon light. This gives us the best opportunity to play with the shadows to give good contrast and detail. With wildlife photography, it is imperative that you get a glint of light in the eye of the animal, and this is best achieved during the early morning and late afternoon light. You may ask why a ‘glint of light’ in the eye. This shows that the animal is alive. If you don’t get a light in the eye, the animal will look dead and lifeless.

Because the elephant’s eye is so small in comparison to its size and normally deep sunk, taking a photograph with light in the eye is the biggest challenge. In the photographs of elephants that I have attached, I have used a 16-35mm, 100 macro, 70-200 and 300mm lens. Try to use various lenses to get interesting shots. Remember you’re an artist so use what you have, together with your creativity to get that photograph that no one else has thought of getting.

Send us some of your interesting elephant pictures and remember every photographer is an ambassador for whatever subject they are photographing. A picture can convey a message that words alone can never do.  Be an ambassador for our gentle giants.

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Dan Myburg


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By Dan Myburg

Dan travels to a range of Wilderness Safaris concessions to take photos for his book and to share his extensive photographic knowledge with our guests and staff.

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