Rocktail Dive Report - May 2013

May 14, 2013 Rocktail Camp
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Amazing May! This month has produced some of the most wonderful sightings and experiences for divers. The Potgieter family are regular divers here at Rocktail and Josh was so excited to dive with his friends, the Browne family. They were all here for ten days of diving and were spoilt with perfect weather and sea conditions for the entire ten days, not to mention magical diving experiences!

Their first dive was at Regal Reef, where they saw two regal angelfish, two black beauties, a sleeping male loggerhead turtle as well as a green turtle which almost bumped into a hawksbill turtle! The following day they enjoyed a superb dive at Brewers Garden, where from beginning to end, the dive just had the wow factor! It began with a leopard shark that was resting on the sand and after a few minutes it slowly swam off, only to pop up again around the corner, where everyone got a fantastic view of it again. They then saw a huge potato bass and a giant honeycomb moray eel sitting together, perfectly positioned under a ledge. The dive ended with a big male loggerhead swimming slowly across the sand.

The Macdonald family, who are also regular diving guests at Rocktail, came down to enjoy the May school holidays. Dad, Duncan and mom, Dianne had both completed their dive courses here and dive here often. Eldest son, James, watched with anticipation over the years until he was old enough to be able to do his dive course - 10 years old and this was the holiday of a lifetime for him! He completed his course and did a couple of extra dives but the last dive was the most special.

They headed out to the dive site, chatting about how special the dive would be because it was just the three of them with Ondyne but little did they know just how special. About halfway through the dive four bottlenose dolphins came to have a look at them. They swam around the divers, twisting and turning, blowing bubbles, chatting loudly with distinctive clicks and squeaks. They swam right past James and then up to the surface but they did not swim away and decided to come back for another look before slowly swimming off into the distance. James was spoilt with such an amazing encounter with dolphins - what a welcome to the underwater world!

On a personal note - I am heading off to Zambia where I will be assisting in the management of a lodge on the banks of the Zambezi River – just down the road from the Victoria Falls. I have been so privileged to have worked in such a beautiful part of the world – unspoilt beaches and pristine dive sites. What an amazing 'office' I’ve been able to share with everyone. It has been really special to have been able to come back again and work alongside such a wonderful team at Mokarran Dive Charters - thanks Darryl, Clive and Mich for all your support over the past year. Looking forward to visiting everyone again soon!

To end off I have included a poem that the Browne family composed and sent to us after their wonderful stay here at Rocktail Beach Camp - enjoy.

Ode to Rocktail Bay

Take me back to Rocktail Bay
It's so peaceful there
The sand is so clean
It should be called Pristine

Take me back to Rocktail Bay
The sea is wild and turquoise blue
The beach littered with huge cowrie shells

Take me back to Rocktail Bay
The weather is so fine
Fish Eagles dominate the sky

Take me back to Rocktail Bay
Where crabs play all day
Dolphins dance and sailfish are two metres high

Take me back to Rocktail Bay
So we can dive the reefs by day
Say hello to Boris the Potato Bass
And touch a friendly moray eel

Take me back to Rocktail Bay
I want to see sky-bright stars
Share paradise with friends
Have fun all day and sleep tight at night!

Congratulations to the following divers:
James Macdonald for completing his Junior PADI Open Water Course.
Emiel and Mille Schoutsen for completing their Discover Scuba pool sessions.

Yours in diving,
Darryl, Clive, Michelle, Ondyne, Mandla and Sipho
The Rocktail Dive Team


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