Sable Herd in the Kafue

Sep 16, 2012 Busanga Bush Camp
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Sighting: Lots of Kafue Sable!
Location: Busanga Bush Camp, Kafue National Park, Zambia
Date: 17 September 2012
Observers: Tara Rowe
Photographer: Isaac Kalio

Sable antelope in the Kafue National Park are notoriously shy. Even though we do find them every other day, it is usually in small numbers - a lone bull, or maybe a few females.

Over the past week or so, we have been lucky enough to find a large breeding herd (certainly large for this area) of over 30 sable on game drives towards the tree lines on the edge of the Busanga Plains, a very rare sighting for us.

With the sable being an iconic antelope with its large scimitar-like horns and beautiful facial markings, this well relaxed herd has allowed our guests to sit and learn more about this rare and graceful creature in close proximity.

Within this group the large and impressive dominate male can be seen overseeing his females, and his posturing and constant tactile communication (physical contact) ensure that his bond with the whole herd remains strong.

We seldom get such interesting insight into these animals as we only tend to see them in much smaller groups - a fabulous sighting indeed.

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