Savuti Camp - August 2013

Sep 28, 2013 Savuti Camp
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Temperature and Landscape
Winter is finally over and what were once warm middays are now hot. Mornings and evenings are still fairly cool and comfortable however. The average temperature has been at a minimum of 12 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 29. The landscape is still empty of the lush foliage of summer for now, making it easier to see game from a distance.

Savuti has been really blessed with rare animal sightings this month. Our guests were lucky to see wild dogs with their puppies, regurgitating to feed their babies and playing around with them.

It has also been a mating period for the cats. We heard them mating on a number of occasions but were fortunate to witness a couple of leopard at it.

We were also lucky once again to spot a cheetah in our concession, a very rare mammal in these parts.

Birds and Birding
Birdlife, as usual, is fantastic in these parts. As we head closer into the summer season we anticipate the arrival of the summer migrants.

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