Savuti Camp – February 2014

Feb 28, 2014 Savuti Camp
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Weather and Landscape
February was a mild month with irregular rainfall. We received 70 mm of rain, which is very low compared to December and January. We did however, receive a few afternoon thundershowers. The temperatures were fairly cool at 19° Celsius minimum and 21° maximum. The landscape has been amazing, thick with beautiful green vegetation. The cloudy skies have made for phenomenal sunsets, the different patterns and colours at sundown making up for the scarcity of animals.

Finding animals in the dense bush was exciting for guests, despite some challenges; a lot of game had moved into the woodlands due to abundant water at the natural waterholes. However, we have been lucky enough to spot lion, wild dog and leopard in the area, although elephant are still uncommon at this time of year. Hippo have also made their presence known at times. The most exciting of all was spotting a porcupine right in camp. Oh how it made our week! The little ant eater was the cutest thing ever and it is considered very lucky, being super-rare to see it.

Birds and Birding
Southern carmine bee-eaters were the highlight of our game drives. They are very beautiful birds and they know to fly close to the vehicle and catch the insects that fly up as we pass by. Our neighbours, the African openbills, have decided to move further away from camp, probably because the resident leopard has found them and pounced on a few! Southern ground-hornbills have been spotted on termite mounds, probably looking for termites or getting a better view of the availability of food.


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