Savuti Camp – January 2014

Jan 31, 2014 Savuti Camp
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Weather and Landscape
January has been a great month I must say. Botswana’s culture is centred on rain (our currency is even called “Pula” meaning “rain”) and this has been a particularly rainy month! With the rains, it has been pleasantly cool and wet, with the landscape looking green and lush. Temperatures varied between 20° Celsius minimum and 36° maximum were recorded and we received 149 mm of rain. Nothing can top the sunsets – having an evening drink with such a dramatic backdrop is unbeatable!

It is currently tricky finding animals in the bush as it is fairly overgrown and the roads are full of puddles. Animals now spend more time in the thicker bush, although we have seen elephant on our drives. Hippo have been sighted along the channel and happily, the wild dogs – everybody’s highlight – have been very active in the concession.

Birds and Birding
As we all know, birds love this season as much as the wildlife does and we have seen numerous species along the channel. Sometimes, as it is just about to rain, termites come out and the birds get very excited. Beautiful carmine bee-eaters have been skimming around vehicles during drives, thrilling guests!


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