Savuti Camp - July 2013

Aug 24, 2013 Savuti Camp
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Temperatures and landscape
Winter is now on the verge of passing and so it is warming up in the Linyanti Concession. Some of us already feel that we do not need bush babies (hot water bottles). We are seeing that the vegetation is also responding to the heat waves which are passing through; however the landscape looks transparent with less leaves on the trees. The average temperature has been ranging between 12 Celsius minimum and 29 maximum.

We are excited to see our big friends, the elephant, spending some time around camp; although we love them we would never want to hug them. We are very careful around them as summer approaches as their tempers start flaring from stress and so we always keep our distance and maintain the respect they want.

A cheetah is one of the million-dollar animals in this Concession, so we felt so blessed to have had our guests spotting one this month. Having not seen one for years on the Concession, it was so exciting to have one suddenly showing up and climbing on a termite mound to pose for a beautiful photo.

We still have our open-billed stalks as neighbours to Tent 2. They now have to keep moving to a dead tree by Tent 6 to make room for a leopard that spends the night on a tree right by Tent 2....

Bush Activities
We have been doing bush brunches, bush dinners and sundowners and now that the water is rising again we are looking forward to starting boating and fishing in the famous Savute Channel.

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