Savuti Camp - March 2013

Mar 6, 2013 Savuti Camp
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Weather and Landscape
Weather conditions have been phenomenal at Savuti Camp this month, as we have enjoyed clear skies which highlighted the sunrises and sunsets. The average high for the month was a comfy 27° C and the average low was 22° C. Early mornings have become chilly as winter approaches, but a light jersey did the job, shed once the sun stretched its rays over the landscape. The afternoon temperatures were very good and really complimented the afternoon activities. As we head closer to winter, the sun sets a little further south-west, making Munchwe Deck the ideal place to enjoy a sundowner.

Game viewing around camp has been incredible this month, which is ideal, as the camp is a very comfortable place to relax and watch nature pass by. In particular, the resident hippo have been providing our guests with great entertainment during the night and day.

As the woodlands dry out further, the elephants have been concentrating their activity along the remaining channels of water, and many have taken a particular liking to the channel in front of camp. The water levels in this channel have dropped a little, resulting in a few changes to our favourite boating destinations. The dropping water level has however, created outstanding conditions for catch-and-release fishing right in front of camp.

General game sightings have been pretty good, with all the herbivore species following the lead of the elephants to the remaining channels of water. This has resulted in some great sightings, many including opportunistic predators such as lion, leopard and wild dog.

Birds and Birding
The birding has been rather good this month, as the drying conditions have created ‘fish traps’ in front of camp. Many water birds would congregate around the pools of water and cash in on the ample supply of fish which have become easy for the picking.

A family of red-billed spurfowl have settled into the camp area and were seen daily caring for their little chicks, which would oblige in adding to the dawn chorus with their parents at sunrise.


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