Savuti Camp – May 2014

May 31, 2014 Savuti Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The rainy season is definitely over here along the Savute Channel and winter is slowly making itself felt – at the beginning of the month we started off with lows of 17° and 19° Celsius, plummeting to 7° in the mornings by the end of the month. The highest temperature we recorded this month was 35° Celsius. With the lower temperatures in the mornings, the Savute Channel in front of camp is covered with mist – a truly beautiful sight to see first thing with one’s coffee. At the same time all the leaves are starting to change from green to a reddish brown and should have all dropped by the end of July, opening up the views around Savuti Camp.
Savuti Camp Lions mating

The New Savuti Boys lion coalition has been seen on a regular basis around Savuti Camp, and appears to have occupied the area now – an added bonus for us. They were last seen mating with the LTC female.

Two other males, which have not been in the area before, have been seen in the Chobe 1 and Kings Pool areas; they are still very shy and avoid the game viewers whenever they can.
The Savuti Female leopard has two cubs (two to three months old) and was sighted on an impala kill. However her cubs are rarely seen, being a little skittish around the game drive vehicles still. The Calcrete Female and her male cub were seen in the Chobe 1 area, also on an impala kill. Then, the Rock Pan Female was viewed with a kudu kill in a tree for four days – it looks like she is about to give birth. Meanwhile, two other previously unseen leopards have been sighted! An adult male, seen around the Chobe 1 area but was very skittish so the guides were not able to see any identifying marks for future reference; an adult female leopard was also seen, this one in the South Bank area. On one of the sightings she was seen with a cub though they were quickly lost in the long grass.
The Wild Dogs of Savuti Camp
Moving on to the main attraction: the wild dog packs of the Linyanti Concession! Both the LTC pack of 18 and the Zib pack of 15 have spent most of the month around and within the boundary of Savuti Camp. The LTC pack was seen one morning across the river from camp while the guests were finishing their morning breakfast; the dogs had killed an impala and were having their morning breakfast as well. One of the females is heavily pregnant and should have her litter sometime in June – needless to say we are all currently holding thumbs that they will den close to Savuti Camp!

The Zib pack spent a few days hanging around a pan on the eastern side of camp. On one occasion a breeding herd of elephants were very unsettled by the pack, mock charging them because they had young calves with them. In the end, the whole herd went charging into the sleeping pack, sending them running in all directions. After the elephants had gone, however, the dogs went straight back to their afternoon nap.

Hippo are the focal point of the afternoon boat trips and watching them interact with each other provides guests with endless entertainment.
Birds and Birding
There is a family of five southern ground-hornbills living to the east of Savuti Camp. They are fascinating to watch as they march around looking for food; three kori bustards have also been seen on a regular basis around the Phuduhudu grassland.
Birds of Savuti Camp
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