Seba Camp - April 2013

Apr 11, 2013 Seba Camp
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Winter is clearly on the approach as we experienced average temperatures of between 22 - 31° C, which is quite a drop from last month’s averages. The mornings have been rather chilly, especially on the clear days when there is a slight breeze – guests had to start layering up. No rain was experienced this month, but the waterways have been rising with the pending arrival of the annual inundation.

The elephants are still the main attraction in camp, as they and buffalo, bushbuck and baboons come in to feed on the fallen fruits of the sycamore figs around camp. Hippo are frequently seen out of the water as they too enjoy feeding on the figs.

Out of camp and on game drive, the game viewing has been very good, with leopard, lion or cheetah seen on most drives. Hyaena sightings were also very good this month, especially at night around the camp area, as the resident clan visits us nightly.

On the subject of predators, we have witnessed a number of leopard cub sightings around the concession. We were often alerted to the presence of these felines by the alarm calls of baboons and monkeys.

General game sightings have been plentiful, as the wildlife seems to be evenly spread across the concession, with constant activity from zebra, giraffe, wildebeest and impala.

The birdlife has been outstanding, especially along the waterways. Some of the smaller, isolated spots of water have dried up, forming fish traps and presenting the water birds with a full-on buffet. We have really enjoyed great sightings of green-backed heron, pygmy goose, African jacana, red-billed teal and pied kingfisher.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Alex Alufishaa, Beatrice Coetser and Aaron Jones
Guides: Mate, Joseph and Speedy.

Newsletter by Alex Alufishaa

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