Seba Camp - February 2013

Feb 19, 2013 Seba Camp
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Weather and Landscape
We had a spectacular and exciting month at Seba Camp. The mornings at times were a bit chilly and were often coupled with brief thunder showers. The monthly minimum temperature was a comfy 21° C with the maximum being 28° C. The early morning showers resulted in a total of 35 mm of rain being recorded for the month, so the vegetation is still lush and green.

The floodplain areas are still covered in a dense carpet of green, making for some incredible scenery.

There was lots of excitement this month as we had fantastic sightings of a pangolin. On two separate game drives within two consecutive days, our guides found the elusive pangolin, which obliged for photographs.

The Mmabana Pride of lions has taken up residence in the area over the last couple of months and was found feeding on a zebra carcass on the side of the airstrip. This provided a great sighting as the lions fed on the carcass for a number of days. On one occasion, while our guests were enjoying their surprise bush dinner and some stargazing, they were visited by two curious hyaena. This was a real highlight for our guests. Other predatory highlights for February were sightings of cheetah and leopard.

Elephant sightings have been really good, as the giant pachyderms have been flocking to the camp to feed on the surrounding marula trees which are fruiting. Even the hippo that frequent the Seba Lagoon have been seen feeding on this fruitful bounty.

General game sightings have been fantastic, as the lush vegetation and fruiting trees have attracted many herbivore species into the area, many of which are nursing young. A small family of Cape clawless otters have taken up residence in the Seba Lagoon, another sighting that we are quite excited about.

Birds and Birding
The Abu Concession is a phenomenal area when it comes to birding, especially around Seba Camp. The water birds have taken centre stage and often congregate right in front of camp along the Seba Lagoon. On any regular day one can see malachite kingfisher, pied kingfisher, green-backed heron, African jacana and black crakes.

The woodland kingfishers are still around, although they have started to slowly leave the Delta as winter approaches. On this note, Joseph and his guests spotted a striped kingfisher – these are not too common in the area and are often overlooked and assumed to be brown-hooded kingfishers.

Guest Comments
We had a wonderful time and we will highly recommend the whole Seba experience to everyone. The food and the guiding was excellent.”

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