Seba Camp - January 2013

Jan 22, 2013 Seba Camp
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A new year has dawned on the Abu Concession, bringing new faces and new and exciting prospects for what looks like an incredible year ahead of us.

The weather has been all over the show this month. At the beginning of January we had some massive electrical storms, huge winds sweeping through the floodplains and an incredible amount of rain that seemed endless but was welcomed by humans and animals alike. Through the latter part of the month the long, hot summer days returned, baking the earth dry again and making the swimming pools look more and more enticing.

Yet the weather changes brought some spectacular changes to the bush as well. The Delta is greener than we have ever seen it. Summer brings this amazing colour spectrum into the bush that makes you surrender to its beauty. From the mangosteens to the jackal berries and the sycamore figs to the sausage trees, the bush is covered in a sea of green that's nourishing every creature that resides within it.
The resident hyaena has been frequently seen lurking around Seba Camp in January. He especially likes the one management tent and seems to visit it every night. We have a massive bull elephant that stomps through camp every night as well - heading straight for the fruiting sycamore fig trees we have growing in the front of the camp.
Speaking of figs, the monkeys and the baboons have been at war over these - lots of screaming and grabbing and big commotions in the trees have caused for a few good hours of entertainment.
We also had a lion pride in the concession in mid-January - two females and two incredibly beautiful light-maned males. They spend most of their time - like all lions do - relaxing under a tree waiting for the blistering heat to pass. We have had a leopard cross through camp a couple of times as well. But the sneaky feline only left clues like tracks in the sand and growls in the air - toying with us whilst moving in the shadows.

Seba Camp has been busy with some much-needed sprucing up as well. We have sanded all our decks and they look brand new! We have also extended our dining room by a couple of feet and it is looking amazing.

The smells that came out of the Seba kitchen in January were out of this world. Abigail the chef trainer was here cooking up a storm. The food was incredible and we have all gained a couple of pounds. The chefs also improved their skills and are now producing dishes of impeccable quality.
January was an amazing start to 2013 and a sign of more incredible things to come. The weather was spectacular, the vegetation extraordinary and the wildlife as jaw-dropping as always. The Delta is a sensational place to be in this year and we are all looking forward to the excitements this year will bring.
Staff in Camp
Managers: Beatrice, Alex and Aaron.
Guides: Matamo, Jacko and Speedy.
Newsletter by Beatrice Coetser

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