Seba Camp - March 2013

Mar 13, 2013 Seba Camp
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We are nearing the end of the summer and the long hot days are getting a little bit shorter and a little bit cooler. The grass is transforming from bright green to the pale yellow that dominates the colour spectrum of the bush during the winter months. Make no mistake though, it is still very hot during the day and animals and humans alike still seek refuge in the shade and cool waters of the Delta.

The annual inundation has also started coming in and the pan in front of Seba has filled up nicely. We now must start getting ready for driving through some deeper water crossings and expect some to be too deep to drive through at all. But hippos and crocodiles frequent the water in front of the camp more often now and there are some signs of fish lurking too.

The game viewing has been really good. Not only out in the bush, but also in and around camp. We had elephants in camp almost daily, the two resident buffalo have also been around, and the hyaena were running around the camp area every night this month – more than likely attracted to the amazing smells coming from the dinner table. We have also seen large-spotted genet, baboon, vervet monkey, tortoise, bushbuck, impala and a variety of mongoose species in camp.

On game drives, we have been really lucky as an unknown pack of wild dogs has moved into the concession and were seen for a week. 16 wild dogs were seen by many of our guests as they were "testing out" the Abu Airstrip and our old airstrip, looking for suitable living courters. We have also had some unknown lions on the concession - two males were spotted relaxing under a tree earlier this month.

Seba Camp has been busier this month and we have had lots of little kiddies running around camp. As we are one of the camps that accommodates children of all ages, we have had some great fun with Easter egg hunts, face painting and animal footprint casting.

With autumn just around the corner, all of us here at Seba are excited to see what the colder months have in store for us here in our little slice of paradise.

Guest Comments
"We know it is your job, but here we felt personally welcomed. I have travelled in more than 80 countries as I travel for six months at a time, and this was honestly the best ever! Thank you for that and keep up the great work.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Beatrice, Aaron and Ipileng.
Guides: Jacko, Joe and Speedy.

Newsletter by Beatrice Coetser.

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